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Friday, September 10, 2010


Its been a minute since i blogged. I know im like the worst blogger ever. but i'll always .....

come back to you.

talk to yall soon. i plan to get back on this just got to regroup and refocus :)

Friday, January 8, 2010


I have been silent for awhile and i apologize to those who do actually read this blog.  Like i said before i struggle with sharing, so i have been torn about what i would like to share here.  In a way i want to bear all (well almost) but on the other hand i want to keep my cards close to my chest. Please bear with me.  :)

So a thing or two has happened since i last blogged.

I moved to DC. somewhere i never, ever, ever thought i would move.  i had no aspirations to move to the city.  i think when i was a kid growing up in my dead end town in NC, i thought of living in the city and living the grand life of a city girl. and then i grew up. lol. But im here.

To conclude the first week of living in the city i got a welcome to the neighborhood surprise in the form of my car being smashed into some one elses.

Imagine waking up to that.
Its possible that i will enjoy my time living here, despite my initial misfortune.  the reality is that it coulda happened anywhere so i cant blame the "city".

Since i last blogged my weight loss efforts have basically come to a halt.  my plateau period basically shut me down. The lack of progress after my 24 lbs and continued hard work was definitely discouraging. BUT im glad to report im bizzzzack! went to the gym this week and it felt great. Im ready to get R done lol.

My love life has been uneventful to say the least. :-/  No winter boo going on over here. I am still accepting applications seeming that we have a couple more months worth of cold lol.

Im glad to be back blogging. Hopefully i will be a little more consistent and forth coming with the info.  Hope you continue to enjoy the complexity that is me