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Friday, September 4, 2009

(Aint) Too Proud to beg

In the last few months i have come to realize i dont manage my money as well as i thought i did.  Especially here recently, i always feel like i am just barely making it by. I rob peter to pay paul and have a hard time giving peter his money back.

But i have also realized i am one prideful young lady.  I would rather suffer than ask for help.  rather pay out more in the long run than just simply say "can you help me".  My fear of rejection, the word 'no', cripples me in the simplest of situations.  I dont like the vulnerablity of asking someone to help me. But the reality is you need people to make it in this life.  You will always need someones help one way or another and sometimes you may not get that help if you dont ask for it.

After last week i decided to take control of my finances. I cant continue to live life with this sort of disregard for my financial future.  i am enforcing a budget. I am downsizing my living arrangements in the near future. I am setting some goals for myself in the monetray rim of my life. and lastly i will work on my prideful ways.


  1. I had the same epiphany recently. Maybe the end of summer does it to everybody.

  2. I have an aunt who lives by the notion of paying yourself first. Every check she says she puts away 30%! She said that she understands everybody can't put away that much, but should at least put away $25 a week. That's over $1200 a yer from a small amount weekly.

    Try it and see how it works for you.