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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tipping the scales

Today i woke up feeling sluggish.  Not really wanting to go to work after the long weekend.  Just really wanting to turn over and go back to sleep.  I almost didnt even recognize my alarm lol.  Today is my day to workout in the morning so i got dressed for that and once i was dressed i looked at myself in the mirror and to my surprise i actually looked smaller, different.  I was in some workout clothes i hadnt put on in a while so some of the changes were finally noticable.  Today is also the day i weigh myself. I am proud to say i have finally got over the 20lb mark.  i am now 21 lbs lighter, which makes me 225.  I was estatic! I had been hovering very close to the 20lb mark for around a month and it was very discouraging.

Honestly i really hadnt felt like i accomplished much up till this point. I just had this idea in my mind that anything less than 20lbs was nothing or not really a big deal. although my trainer and others who continued to encourage me (thanks btw) said otherwise, it just still didnt seem like much.  maybe 20lbs just sounds substantial.  I feel like i have accomplished something now, like all this working out isnt for nothing.  It gives me the motivation to keep on going. i was really considering just giving up cause i hadnt made any progress during the month of august, just maintained.  but a friend told me the other day that since i was changing my lifestyle as opposed to doing just a fad diet or pills that it will take time.  this of course i knew but it was something i needed to hear and then my weightloss since last weigh in just provided confirmation that i can do this and reach my final goal.

So i continue to press on ....


  1. That's wonderful! I'm very proud of you Meka!!!

  2. Keep going, keep going, KEEP GOING! You're gonna start feeling better, you're gonna start having more energy, you're gonna start sleeping better at night. If you're on any kind of medication the dr may end up taking you off of it!


    I know it isn't easy, but it's SOOOOOO worth it! Oh yeah, watch how them haters start coming out the woodworks trying to steal your shine, DON'T LET THEM!